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Service, styles & smiles. It’s who we are.


Since the dawn of this millennium, Lula 101 has been providing the coolest apparel and accessories brands to Asian markets. Our team works equally well with brands, wholesalers and retailers in the streetwear and action sports industries, which is why we’ve built a strong reputation for offering Service, Styles & Smiles.

Formerly known as Lula Apparel, Inc., Lula 101 is a sales and distribution leader in Asian markets and continues to expand its business operations and partnerships as more companies learn how we can help their business grow. Here is how we do it: Read more …

2018_preferredLRSherry Lu Founder and President

Armed with an M.I.T. background (Made in Taiwan), Sherry is Lula 101’s secret weapon. She has been serving up styles and smiles to Asian markets since the dawn of this millennium, using Lula 101’s home base in sunny Southern California as a launch pad for her globally focused business, which includes partnerships in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and the United States. And the best is yet to come. An avid traveler who speaks multiple languages, Sherry knows Asia and the Pacific like a good friend. In tune with both sides of the industry, she works closely with brands and retailers to create seamless business opportunities.

Having built the flagship enterprise in America, along with satellite operations in key international locations, Sherry takes a hands-on approach to doing business. Her internal clock is set in several time zones, which is why new business partners are often surprised to receive her Skypes when everyone here has been sleeping for hours.

During her travels, you might find her promoting U.S. brands in Bangkok on one day, conducting a pivotal lunch meeting in Hong Kong the following day and overseeing business operations in Taiwan just a few hours later. The big mystery is, how the heck does she manage this and look so refreshed all the time?

Bill Ross
Chief Executive

Bill is a management and marketing mastermind with five key skills: Engineer (able to construct new business models as well as build bridges with clients and vendors; Juggler (excels in managing multiple projects concurrently); Detective (strong attention to detail along with problem-solving and follow-through capabilities); Critical thinker (able to understand the root cause and find the answer no matter how hard it tries to hide); and Community organizer (exceptional team-building and engagement skills).

Bill oversees Lula’s dynamic team and provides operational, sales and marketing guidance for the Lula 101/Regain International enterprise. With decades of experience in strategic planning, management, marketing, PR and brand-building, Bill has been doing this for so many years that it boggles his own mind.

However, Bill is crystal clear on why he is dedicated to helping Lula 101 become a global leader in the industry: He loves collaborating with a team of dynamic professionals who can’t seem to wipe the smiles off their faces. (After all, he’d feel pretty silly if it was only him having so much fun.)

Fulvert Pineda

Fulvert loves his work, and it shows. Seemingly never at rest, he is the backbone of Lula 101’s business operations. He also oversees sales staff and manages customer service, helping to ensure that our vendors and customers have a topflight experience with us at all times. (Heck, his easy nature even makes our staff want to do business with him.)

With his business administrative college background, coupled with a decade of Lula 101 immersion, Fulvert is an operations rock star when it comes to improving sales, logistics, billing, social media and communications with vendors and customers.

In another life, Fulvert would be a professional soccer player, but the injuries he often sustains from amateur weekend games remind him that he’s much better off in this life.

Stephy Kuo

As a key member of the Lula 101 empire and esteemed advisor, Stephy brings years of experience and many diverse skills to the Lula 101 table. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Accounting Administration, Stephy has proven to be a Jill-of-all-trades at Lula, from finance-related matters, client negotiations, sales, inventory management (and making sure the team has plenty of advance notice for the next Lula 101 social gathering).

Stephy also works alongside the crew to get customer orders packed, labeled and shipped to our Asian markets with amazing efficiency. Yes, she can juggle tasks in ways that would give the rest of us headaches, but Stephy also puts together her own stylish outfits that make us wonder if she leads a secret life auditioning for Project Runway.

LLA-108 Eric LREric Hernandez
Warehouse Associate

Born in Mexico and raised right here in Tustin U.S.A., Warehouse Associate Eric’s background is in streetwear and logistics warehouse operations. His can-do attitude propels him through the challenges of ensuring that orders are properly received, packaged and shipped. When he’s not at Lula, Eric’s second full-time gig is being the proud papa of two-year-old son “Kacee James” aka “KJ,” who is tons of fun. Of course Eric does get toddler-raising help from his wife, Jackie, and even their 9-month-old Siberian Husky, Luna … but it takes a village to raise a human pup.

You’d never guess it from his kind nature, but Eric has a deep love for boxing. So much so, that he coaches youth boxing in his spare time. We assume this means he also operates in a parallel universe, since he already running on all cylinders for everything else.Aside from loving his family and smack-downs, Eric admires streetwear and hip-hop music.

In a parallel universe, Eric would have been a professional boxer or famous DJ/producer (better put these in his parallel universe, too). Last, but certainly not least, Eric is extremely organized and clean, making Jackie … and his Lula 101 co-workers, happy campers.